Unfortunately there is no lifetime plans available.
At this time there is no referral program.
Yes. Since the app connects to our cloud, you can use the same username and password to on mutliple devices. Therefore you only need to purchase the plan once per M1.
You can have as many panels as you want to your account.
When your plan is almost due for renewal you will receive an email letting you know it's almost due for renewal. If you don't renew your service by the expiry date then you will be locked out from controlling your M1 through the cloud until the service is renewed.
A few days after the expiry your M1 will stop all communications to our cloud.
If you don't renew your service approx 1 week after the expiry then your M1 panel and history may be removed from our cloud.
Yes. If you renew before the expiry date then the new service expiry will add on to the current expiry.
For Example:
If you have 5 days left on your service, and you renew a 30 day service plan then you will have 35 days left on your service after you renew.
All push notifications should be instant. We don't delay anything on our cloud.
When the event happens on our cloud the push notification is sent to Google's or Apple's server to send the push notification to your device, if there is network issues on Google's or Apple's server then messages may be delayied. There will also be delay's if your device doesn't have internet access on it when the push notification is sent.
No. We are not a central monitoring station. We are only a cloud service provider allowing you to control your panel through the cloud.
We recommend you still have your panel monitored by a central monitoring station if you are wanting a patrol to action your alarm.
We charge a monthly fee due to cloud servers we have to maintain each month.