Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on the mobile device to notify the user of an event.

These messages are sent over the data channel on your mobile device. This means you need to have an internet connection connected to your device in order to receive the notification.

The M1 Cloud Service supports this feature, which means you can be notified when something happens on the M1. Push notifications are sent from the cloud as soon as the message is recevied from your M1 panel. It is not sent from the M1.

Each device (phone) needs to enable the push notification. Push notifications are based on devices that enable the push notification. For example: If you have 2 or more phones and you only enable the push notification on one of the phones, then the other phones will not get the push notification until they enable the push notification on there phone. This makes it more flexible and allows selected device to get the push notification.

Will I get a push notificated when I have no mobile signal or WiFi connection?
No. For push notifications to work it requires an internet connection connected to your mobile device, either by WiFi or cellular data from your mobile network provider.

If you lose signal (such as being in a bad mobile network coverage area, or your device being turned off) and a push notification is sent to your device, then Google/Apple will try and send the push notification once your connection is restored.

Even though you got this push notification, doesn't mean the push notification event happend at the time of the notification. It could of happend at an earlier time, and Google/Apple now sent the message to your device since it has restored an internet connection.

To enable a push notification in the M1 Cloud app:

Area Arm/Disarm, Area Alarms & System Event Notifications
On the keypad screen in the app, swipe to the left until you get to the Area notification section. Tap on the notifications you like to receive.

Zone, Output & Light Notifications
Viewing the individual zone, output & light page allows notifications to be enabled for them. As the device changes status you can be notified that it changed state. Recommend to only enable them on devices that will rarely change state or critical devices otherwise you will receive a push notification everytime it changes.